a focus on helping those who heal


Specialized Services for Doctors and Dentists

Why a focus on Doctors and Dentists? As a firm, we appreciate those working to heal our community and recognize that present times create a challenge for health professionals. While we unfortunately cannot help with the endless charting and paperwork on the job, we offer services with an eye towards reducing your stress and freeing you to focus on what you do best.

Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL) and National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program (NHSC)

While well-intentioned, the HEAL and NHSC programs came with draconian penalties. Some doctors and dentists have suffered terribly because of these programs, losing licenses because of placement on the Exclusions list or owing hundreds of thousands in penalties. Every case is different; however, we have in the past succeeded at giving clients great relief. If you need a firm with experience in this area, please call (904) 419-9858 for a free initial consultation.  

Contract Analysis and Negotiation that Fits Your Schedule

Need a contract reviewed but short on time? We offer flat fee services that fit your schedule. We will help you understand every detail of your contract, answer any and all questions, and can arrange for after hours consultations, all for a flat fee. Call for additional details.

A Little Bit of Free Advice for Medical Students

No graduating medical student wants to think about student loans. However, there are strategies graduating medical students can use to potentially save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. While a promising career waits ahead, an hour now to save thousands later is a wise investment. Click below to learn more.

Additional Student Loan Management Tips

Click below for general student loan management tips.