jefferson capital systems, LLC

Have you been sued by Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC?

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC is a Georgia limited liability company that maintains its principal place of business in St. Cloud, Minnesota. But really, I am sure you don’t care about these details.

Basically, if you break it down, what you are coming up against is a debt buyer that buys charged off loans and aggressively collects on those loans in an effort to make a profit.

The point is, that this is not the federal government, is not your original lender, it is not your college or university, and is not even the guarantor of whatever loan it is that you may have taken out.

Does this mean you should ignore the lawsuit? NO! This is what will get you into trouble. I have encountered many students that ignore Jefferson Capital Systems lawsuits with catastrophic results. If you ignore the lawsuit Jefferson Capital Systems will almost certainly get a default judgment against you.

Judgments are enforceable in Florida for up to 20 years. See Fla. Stat. § 95.11. And, if a collector gets a judgement against you they can enforce it against your property. 

This means they can do things like garnish your bank accounts and wages, seize certain property, and sometimes even place a lien on real estate titled in your name.

Your situation is not hopeless. And hiring an attorney with experience handling Jefferson Capital Systems lawsuits can sometimes be the difference between paying a huge judgment and nothing at all. So do something before it is too late!

I am happy to give you a free initial consultation. I can quickly look at the complaint and tell you about potential defenses. In some circumstances, I may be able to get the case against you completely dismissed. 

In some situations, I might also be able to force the other party to pay your attorney fees. 

While your situation may seem overwhelming, talking to me now may give you relief for years to come. As is generally the case with student loans, doing nothing is the most expensive and time consuming choice you can make. Give me a call: (904) 419-9858.