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Student Loan Lawsuit

If a lawsuit has been filed against you, call right away! You have limited time to respond and time is of the essence. We have experience litigating with National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, Jefferson Capital, Sallie Mae, Navient, Discover Bank, Student Loan Solutions, Etc. While every case is different, in some instances we have not only  gotten the lawsuit dismissed, we have recovered damages for our clients. Ignoring the lawsuit is generally the most expensive and time consuming choice you can make. A skilled student loan lawyer can likely save you time, stress, and money. Call before it is too late!

Negotiating Defaulted Loans

 Hiring a skilled student loan attorney to assist you with negotiating a large defaulted private student loan debt can give you tremendous relief. Throw off that helpless feeling and replace it with a solid plan of action. Call for a free initial consultation or click below to learn more. 

Wage Garnishment

If your wages are being garnished there are two likely explanations, either an administrative wage garnishment order has been issued or your wages are being garnished pursuant to a judgment. In either instance, a skilled student loan lawyer may be able to help. Call for a free initial consultation or click below to learn more.